Monday, October 20, 2008

A Review and a Beer

What a way to start a Monday!! *Big Grin* Four of Five star review for Winning Bess from JERR.

The most difficult thing about being an author for me is the idea someone can tell you they don’t like your work. It’s the most difficult thing in writing role play too. Waiting to hear it from friends is very hard, even harder when you don’t.

Some of you might not know this but I am slightly on the insecure side, and lacking in ego. *g* I really do put a piece of myself in everything I write. So, I find myself holding and releasing a lot of breaths.

First ones are when I send scenes to Melissa, my co-writer, and I wait to see if she liked it. When I get back an “it’s awesome” or “oooo you made him growl”, I exhale.

Then I hold it again when we send it off to our Critique partner, (((Mechele))), whose opinion I greatly admire. Her suggestions have never been off the mark and she usually catches my grammar mistakes * mantra Comma’s are our friends* She returns it and I exhale again.

Then I hold it again when we submit to our editor. And well, he makes me hold it a really long time. But I can exhale when the offer for a contract comes through, and when he pays me a compliment on the character and the insight I had on something during edits.

The last really long breath I hold is when it’s released. I’m waiting for that first review and to hear from people who read it. *g*

I am very happy with Winning Bess’ review…

“This 19th Century historical hit the spot with action, romance and plenty of hot loving. Colm is a little rough but has a lot of love. He’d do anything for Bess and his generous personality serves to leave the plot infused with bighearted kindness. He’s also a tad possessive, which made him seem very realistic, too. Bess is a hardworking and loving woman who is put in a difficult situation. She works to keep her father healthy and her openhearted personality made me care about what happened to her. The relationship that develops between Bess and Colm was believable and very natural. The progression of the connection made sense, even as their relationship develops a chemistry that is more sexual. The sex scenes are hot yet still realistic, as they explore each other tenderly yet passionately. The plot builds upon itself, with no great shocks, but sexual plot lines subtly change the story, allowing for a build up of intensity in the storyline. Several secondary characters make a wayward impact on the plot, causing a little uncertainty for our Irish lovers. Overall, Winning Bess hit the spot for me. I recommend it.”~ Francesca Hayne

So I exhaled (until the next review comes in. *g*)

And then I read…
Strengthen your Bones with a glass of beer *blink* *big grin* this report came from Montifiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein *dreamy sigh* College of Medicine In NYC. They reviewed 13 studies comparing alcohol consumption and bone strength and found that consuming one full serving a day pumps up bone density!! (Hmm maybe that’s why some Irishmen are thick sculled? ) and reduces the risk of hip fractures by 20%! They say it’s because a Moderate *pout* amount of alcohol regulates calcium and raises estrogen levels which are needed to strengthen bones!

And another study said alcohol improves blood flow, nourishing delicate cells in the inner ear. Drinkers of at least one beer a week are less likely to suffer age related hearing loss. I knew the hubby’s “I didn’t hear you.” was selective!!!

In case your wondering 12oz of beer, 5oz of wine, 1.5 oz of the harder spirits equal one full serving. Separately, not all together. dagnabbit!

I tell ya I am grinning! A great review and another reason to love beer, who couldn’t ask for a better way to start me week!
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